New Beneteau First 40 Rudder

Published on September 21, 2017



Farr Yacht Design and Competition Composites, Inc. announce the availability of an all-new rudder design for the Beneteau First 40.  This rudder is a significant upgrade over the existing rudder for all Beneteau First 40 versions.  It features a deeper blade span for improved efficiency and a thinner, lower drag and more forgiving foil section for increased stall resistance.  The use of carbon fiber in the rudder post construction results in a stiffer, stronger rudder for higher strength and an all-important weight reduction near the stern of the boat.



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Rudder Re-Design

Published on May 16, 2017


It is nearly impossible and very cost prohibitive to improve the performance of a yacht by changing the existing hull shape. However it is relatively easy and inexpensive to alter the keel, rudder, rig and sails to improve performance. Therefore, as part of our regular consulting services, it is common for our clients to approach us seeking improvements to their appendages.


One of the exceptional aspects of our legacy in the field of yacht design is the performance of our production cruiser racer designs under various handicapping systems in races around the globe. Yachts like the Beneteau First 40.7, First 36.7, First 10R, First 40, First 35 and Farr 395 have long track records of achievement in sailing’s most prestigious races. However...


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Farr 30 IRC Optimized Bowsprit

Published on May 20, 2016


Farr Yacht Design has designed a removable, IRC optimized bowsprit for the Farr 30 One Design. The bowsprit measures 1.79m from the stem, a length which was chosen after evaluating similar boats and determining that the increased downwind boat speed eclipsed the induced rating penalty. The bowsprit’s cross sectional shape was derived from FYD’s proprietary formula that minimizes aerodynamic drag without compromising structural rigidity. 3D modeling tools were used to ensure that the bowsprit conforms perfectly to the bow geometry.

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Our New Fast 40+ Design

Published on May 20, 2016


Farr Yacht Design is excited to announce our new Fast 40+ design that will lead the fleet in 2017. Contact us to start a discussion on how we can work with your team and to learn more about this design.

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Southern Wind 82 "Ammonite" Launched in Cape Town

Published May 01, 2016


Southern Wind recently celebrated the delivery of Ammonite, the third yacht in the 82ft. miniseries. Marcus Blackmore, Ammonite’s Australian owner, has long been a passionate sailor. Marcus wanted a yacht for racing and cruising with, in his own words, “a sexy body and a highly competitive soul.”

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New Beneteau 10R (34.7) Rudder Design

Published March 8, 2016


Farr Yacht Design (FYD) has developed a new and improved rudder for the Beneteau First 10R/First 34.7. The new rudder is for owners who want better handling in upwind and downwind conditions. We expect improved performance, especially in stronger breeze.


The original rudder sizing for the First 10R was driven by the want to be competitive under IRC.  Under IRC, the rule gives no credit for wetted surface area and as such the appendages are driven to be as small as possible.

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New Farr 395 Rudder Design

Published March 8, 2016


It has come to the attention of Farr Yacht Design (FYD) that a Farr 395 broke its rudder, during a return delivery following the 2015 Pineapple Cup.  The stock was left intact, but the rudder shell broke free.  Without access to the Carroll Marine builder spec for the rudder is it hard to determine a cause of failure.


While a broken rudder is never the desired answer to any question, it can serve as a useful reminder.  It is important to regularly inspect and maintain the appendages, equipment and fittings on any boat.  Preventative maintenance can catch many, but not all, problems before they occur.

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New Beneteau First 40.7 Rudder Design

Published December 21, 2015


Farr Yacht Design has designed a new rudder including construction details for the Beneteau First 40.7. This rudder will be a significant improvement for all existing Beneteau First 40.7s. It features a deeper blade span for improved efficiency, and a thinner, lower drag and more forgiving foil section for increased stall resistance. The use of carbon fiber for the rudder post construction results in a stiffer and stronger rudder for improved safety at sea, and a weight reduction near the stern of the boat.


The new rudder is designed for use within the existing bearings and quadrant. It will fit in place without requiring any major alterations to the boat.

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Horizon F14 Paddleboard Wins First Race

Published October 26, 2015


Congratulations to Dave Grover who won first place in the 52+ age group of the UK National SUP Series on October 24 in Kingsbridge with his new Farr-designed Horizon F14 paddleboard. Grover only just took delivery of the board on Wednesday and is already off to a fantastic winning start.


This was the first race for a production F14 paddleboard. Grover was happy with the results and the board performance. “Overall the board was superb in a fairly challenging race of 12km with a 20 knot crosswind for one of the legs,” he said.


The F14 is a 14ft. racing paddleboard designed for flatwater and estuary races. It features a wave-piercing bow and a subtle peak along the centerline of the deck...

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Announcing the Infiniti 53

Published July 20, 2015


Farr Yacht Design has partnered with Dynamic Stability Systems (DSS) and Infiniti Yachts to develop the Infiniti 53, a new 53 foot canting keelboat suited for exceptional performance both offshore and inshore. Design work and preparation of builder quote packages and pricing for the yacht is proceeding quickly to be ready for a construction start this fall.


The new yacht will feature a canting keel, gybing centerline daggerboard and leverages the dramatic performance advantages available through the DSS system. The design intends to revolutionize the performance of yachts in the mid-50 foot range. It will be the first Farr-designed boat featuring DSS foils.

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