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Rudder Re-Design

Published on May 16, 2017


It is nearly impossible and very cost prohibitive to improve the performance of a yacht by changing the existing hull shape. However it is relatively easy and inexpensive to alter the keel, rudder, rig and sails to improve performance. Therefore, as part of our regular consulting services, it is common for our clients to approach us seeking improvements to their appendages.


One of the exceptional aspects of our legacy in the field of yacht design is the performance of our production cruiser/racer designs under various handicapping systems in races around the globe. Yachts like the Beneteau First 40.7, First 36.7, First 10R, First 40, First 35 and Farr 395 have long track records of achievement in sailing’s most prestigious races. However, because these yachts are very much production-oriented, the original appendage designs were compromised due to restrictions in the use of higher tech materials and the need to constrain build costs. Therefore, replacing the factory supplied rudder on these types of production cruiser/racers with a more racing-oriented rudder yields excellent bang-for-the-buck to improve the performance and handling of a production cruiser racer.


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