New Farr 395 Rudder Design

Published March 8, 2016


While a broken rudder is never the desired answer to any question, it can serve as a useful reminder.  It is important to regularly inspect and maintain the appendages, equipment and fittings on any boat.  Preventative maintenance can catch many, but not all, problems before they occur.


As an alternative to the original Carroll Marine built Farr 395 rudder, FYD designed and specified laminate for an updated rudder in 2013.  This rudder would be a potential improvement for all existing Farr 395 owners, in particular those who sail regularly in heavy air or offshore races. The new rudder features a greater planform area for more control in strong winds and large seas, a deeper blade span for improved efficiency, and a lower drag and more forgiving foil section for increased stall resistance. The use of carbon fiber for the rudder post construction will also result in a stiffer and stronger rudder for improved safety at sea, and a weight reduction near the stern of the boat. The new rudder is designed for use within the existing bearings and fits in place without requiring any major alterations to the boat.


Competition Composites Inc. (CCI) manufactures the new rudder design. CCI is a unique Canadian manufacturing business focused on designing and building composites products for various industries, especially for the boating market.  Three of these new rudder designs have already been installed on Farr 395s and the feedback from these boat owners has been very positive regarding the craftsmanship, feel, and performance of the rudder designed by FYD, and manufactured by CCI. CCI offers the new Farr 395 rudder build for $7,885 USD.


For more details or to order, please contact CCI at or or +1-613-599-6951. If you wish to speak with FYD, please contact us at or +1-410-267-0780.

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