Farr Yacht Design
Design #489M -Southern Wind 82

The SW 82 is the most recent design from Farr Yacht Design for Southern Wind Shipyard.  The design concept is similar to the concepts for the SW 110 and SW 102.  The concept begins with Southern Wind’s underlying principle of creating real bluewater yachts and is completed with a feeling of spaciousness both above and below deck using sleek and somewhat angular lines and surfaces.  The result is a sensation of a yacht larger than its length of 25 meters and beam of 5.91 meters.  Especially on deck, the sense of size is achieved by gradually tapering the beam from the maximum point to the transom.  Below decks additional volume is distributed into the ends of the yacht increasing the size of the guest accommodations and the crew quarters and galley. 

The first yacht in the new series will have the low profile, raised saloon but the hull has been designed to also accommodate a larger volume deck saloon option with the machinery placed a bit further forward.  The hull contains many features that are a direct result of applying the knowledge and proven benefits of the research and design of numerous high performance yachts (VO70’s, Open 60’s, and Leopard 3) over the last decade.  Fuller waterlines and straighter diagonals in the ends, wider and lower transom and fuller forward sections are a direct transfer. The topsides have generally less curvature and the stern has been widened, to the point of nearly forming a chine, to increase the heeled sailing length and performance.  The critical issue of rudder immersion in the upper range of typical heel angles is managed through the precise distribution of longitudinal volume to prevent stern lift.



SW82 Feelin' Good

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