Patrick Shaughnessy


Patrick Shaughnessy is President and Shareholder of Farr Yacht Design.


Born in Annapolis, Maryland in 1970, Patrick began sailing and teaching in local junior sailing programs.  Following graduation from high school in 1988, he studied architecture and design at the Anne Arundel Community College and the University of Maryland before joining our team in 1990.


Patrick has taken on various responsibilities during his tenure at FYD.  His initial role of Draftsman soon expanded to Designer responsible for various aspects of yacht design such as structures, deck and interior layouts, sail plan and appendage design.


Bruce Farr & Russell Bowler realized the need to ensure that the business continues well into the future with equal success by expanding the company’s shareholding and nominated Patrick as a shareholder in 2001.


With the growing responsibilities associated as a shareholder, Patrick assumed the role of Design Production Manager in 2004.  In this capacity, Patrick scheduled all research, design and consulting projects in our overall work plan.  Design work scheduling involves the process of determining project requirements and developing a plan of resources and timing for executing work.


In 2005 Patrick became Vice President and a Director of FYD, overseeing corporate finances, human resources and promotional branding as well as sharing a responsibility for design sales.


After three years serving in the capacity of Vice President, the Directors and Shareholders elected Patrick as President of Farr Yacht Design in 2008.  In this position, he manages design sales and contract negotiations, public relations and marketing efforts as well as the combined day to day research and design efforts of the team.


As a designer, Patrick realizes the importance of developing his skills as a big boat sailor.   Sailing and regatta attendance is crucial to our business as feedback and ideas obtained can be tested, analyzed and applied if appropriate thereby constantly improving our designs.


Patrick has been sailing at a professional level since 1996 and he has crewed primarily as a bow, mast, or pitman on a variety of Farr designs such as the Mumm 30, Farr 40, Farr 52 One Design, CM 60, custom IMS and IRC racing designs, TP52’s and GP42’s.  Aboard the CM 60 Carrera, he helped to set the course record in the 2001 Annapolis Newport Race and was part of the team to win the 2002 Storm Trysail Club Monte-Sano Award for Racing Excellence.  For the 2006 racing season he campaigned aboard the American TP52 yacht Rush, competing in Key West, SORC as well as the entire MEDCUP series.  In 2007 Patrick joined the Farr GP42 Roma team and sailed as pitman in this new and exciting class for the 2007 GP42 circuit.  Patrick again joined the Roma GP42 team onboard their generation 3 boat as a pitman for the 2009 MEDCUP series.  Patrick has also recently raced onboard our STP65 Rosebud, our 100ft Ocean Leopard, and onboard the new Farr 400 One Design.  Recent racing has also included promotional efforts to represent Bavaria Yachtbau as part of their factory team onboard their Cruiser 40S, Sporty Rosy.


Along with his professional sailing adventures, Patrick travels extensively in order to attend various regattas and boat shows around the globe as a representative of Farr Yacht Design.  Participating in high profile events overseas all over the world has allowed him to work closely with owners and crew to hone his skills as a talented and gifted designer.

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