Our goal at Farr Yacht Design with the new Najad 395 was to look back at Najad Yacht’s history, as well as forward to their future, and to create two new 12m models that would help take important steps forward while remaining true Najads. The brand Najad has so much great heritage, that our steps as thoughtful designers had to be very carefully considered. The Najad 395 that we have created together is an artful blend of performance improvements and industrialization, with traditional values, sea worthiness, and good solid engineering. Both versions of the boat, center cockpit and aft cockpit, have been developed with the attention deserving of single focus models, and yet have achieved a level of industrialized integration which is a real testament to the team. We are confident that we have created new Najad 395’s that can stand the test of time, and be rewarding, and confidence inspiring yachts for her owners well into the future.

PHOTOS - Aft and Center Cockpit  Click to enlarge.


11.99 m/39.34 ft

10.98 m/36.02 ft

3.99 m/13.09 ft

2.10 m/6.89 ft

11,000 kg/24,251 lbs





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