Farr Yacht Design presents Design 826, a revolutionary new IMOCA 60 design that has been developed from a clean sheet of paper for the next era of offshore sailing.  This design builds upon our extensive experience in IMOCA 60 design and leverages much of our ongoing Vendee Globe IMOCA 2020 concept developments.  The boat is envisioned to be easily adaptable for singlehanded, doublehanded or crewed sailing with specific consideration for the Volvo Ocean Race courses and the implications of sailing with 5 crew and an onboard reporter.


Unlike the existing IMOCA fleet, this design has been optimized from the outset to leverage the full power of hydrofoils. The forces generated by the foils increase the speed potential but also alter how the hydrodynamic forces are shared by the hull and the different appendages. Compared to conventional IMOCA designs, this results in significant changes in the optimal design parameters, hull form shape and dimensions, foil design, keel placement and incline angles as well as having significant sail design and aerodynamic considerations.


Design 826 features a highly efficient, refined hull form optimized for the dynamics of ocean sailing at high speed while maintaining low drag in light air.  It is the product of extensive computational optimization including a significant investment in the simulation of the boats dynamic response to waves. The design development has made extensive use of FYD’s proprietary Integrated Design-space Exploration and Optimization System – IDEOS to explore a diverse design space of 1000’s of candidate designs that are evaluated against a series of design and performance metrics.


The advanced foil designs leverage FYD multi-year investment in the development of foil assisted designs, including our development of the world’s largest foil assisted monohull due to launch in Spring 2019.  The higher speeds and increased impact loadings for foil assisted boats, coupled with the rule drivers to the minimum possible structural weight require a next generation of structural concept, one that minimizes weight without sacrificing strength or reliability and robustness. As with all FYD designs, the structural approach is always carefully considered in view of buildability and cost in order to insure the resulting product meets all of the team’s objectives.


The boat must be able to operate at peak efficiency, able to maintain high average speeds for the solo sailor while being robust enough to be pushed to the limit by a full crew.  On a performance basis this emphasizes the need for a boat that is easily driven and as sea kindly as possible; able to achieve excellent speeds even when in non-optimal configurations. The deck and interior arrangements, rigging and deck hardware systems are ergonomically optimized with this in mind.  As displayed, this design incorporates a deck and interior layout that has been developed to support crewed sailing with an emphasis on human helming, gear stacking, guest space and media inclusion.  A design only focused on solo or doublehanded racing would likely result in a different cockpit, deck layout and interior.


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Cant Angle:


18.28 m / 60.0 ft

5.XX m / 18.X ft

4.5 m / 14.7 ft

7,XXX kg / 15,XXX lbs

38 Degrees

Hydrofoil Assisted



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