The Volvo Ocean 65 is the new one-design boat that contested the 2014-15 edition of the Volvo Ocean Race. It will also be the one design used for the 2017-18 edition.


At 65ft LOA the new yachts are slightly shorter than the previous generation of Volvo Open 70s but will be more reliable, robust and affordable while still being a very high performance racing boat.


The new boat is designed by Farr Yacht Design with a consortium of four boatyards taking care of the build process -- Green Marine in the United Kingdom, Decision in Switzerland, Persico in Italy and Multiplast in France.


“Farr Yacht Design is pretty uniquely positioned in that we have an enormous Volvo Ocean Race experience," said Patrick Shaughnessy, President of Farr Yacht Design. "We have designed 40 boats for the race, been involved in nine editions, the last few campaigns we've been on the ground 100 percent of the time supporting the teams and really been part of the race, and the thing that makes us a little unique is that we can combine that with an enormous one-design experience. I don't believe there's another team in the world that can present all those parts and that's really I think what makes us ideally suited for this opportunity.”


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Hull Length (ISO 8666)

Length waterline (design)

Length overall (inc. bowsprit)

Hull Beam overall (ISO 8666)

Max Draft (Keel on CL)

Boat Weight (empty)

Keel arrangement



Aft Water Ballast (Wing Tanks)

Forward Water Ballast (CL)

Rig Height

Rig Arrangement

Bowsprit Length

Mainsail Area

Working Jib Area

Upwind Sail Area


Downwind Sail Area

20.37 m (66 ft)

20.00 m (65 ft)

22.14 m (72ft)

5.60 m (18.4 ft)

4.78 m (15.8 ft)

12,500 kg (27,557 lb)

Canting keel to +/- 40 degrees with 5 degrees of incline axis

Twin forward daggerboards, inboard triangulation

Twin fixed rudders - composite stocks

Twin 800L ballast tanks under cockpit sides at transom

Single centerline 1100L ballast tank forward of mast

30.30 m (99.4 ft)

Twin topmast backstays and checkstays with deflectors

2.14 m (7ft)

163 m2

133 m2

468 m2 (mainsail and masthead Code 0)

296 m2 (mainsail and working jib)

578 m2 (mainsail and A3)


Internal Arrangement


Sailplan and Deck Layout



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