Farr Yacht Design
Design #727 - Paris 63

Following many years of extensive cruising in a Farr Pilothouse 60 (Design 320), Dr. Stanley Paris commissioned this new design for a high performance offshore passage making and cruising yacht.

Early in the life of the boat, Dr. Paris will participate in some short-handed racing and then attempt to set or break non-stop records as the oldest person  to solo circumnavigate and then include the shortest solo circumnavigation from St Augustine, FL, and Bermuda. 

Dr. Paris intends to tackle this feat without use of fossil fuels, relying on solar panels, wind generators and hydro-generators for his circumnavigation beginning late 2013.  These technologies will also reduce reliance on generators in its later cruising life.

The general approach has been to use modern design concepts and construction methods to produce a conservative but fast and sea kindly vessel that can cover oceans quickly and provide a comfortable and spacious live aboard experience.

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D.727 - Paris 63

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