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Farr Yacht Design’s latest launch is the new BEAU GESTE, an 80 foot offshore-oriented racer/cruiser. Owner Karl Kwok and project manager Gavin Brady came to FYD to develop a design with the capability to race offshore with a limited crew size and also provide its crew with a level of comfort greater than what is expected on the latest breed of all-out large ocean racers. BEAU GESTE was built at Cookson Boats, with the spar built by Southern Spars. BEAU GESTE has a lifting keel to permit a deep sailing draft and also provide the ability to access docking accommodations. As with other modern ocean racers, BEAU GESTE boasts a moderately high beam and low displacement to ensure excellent offshore performance, particularly reaching. The hull shape was developed from our recent successful experiences with offshore yachts, including Volvo 70’s and Open 60’s. In particular, a plumb stem and immersed transom maximize effective length. Hull chines maximize dynamic stability in hard reaching conditions. Special consideration was given to balancing the fullness of the bow with the depth and immersion of the transom to optimize performance across a range of boatspeeds and ensure the bow lifts at higher speeds.


Below the waterline, the keel draws 5.6 meters, and is hydraulically lifted to a draft of 4.0 meters for access to shallower water. The hydraulic cylinder allows for simple ‘push button’ lifting and lowering of the keel. The keel is fabricated steel construction with a low drag and low center of gravity T-keel style lead bulb. Twin rudders, as per latest technology Volvo 70’s and Open 60’s, ensure that maximum control can be maintained in upwind and hard reaching conditions. As the boat heels, the leeward-side rudder is fully immersed and becomes more upright, ensuring maximum efficiency and allowing for small rudders and reduced surface area. The rudders are connected to each other and the twin steering wheels by a rigid crossbar system that allows for adjustment of helm load and rudder setup.


What sets BEAU GESTE apart from most large ocean racing boats is a more extensive interior accommodation and features above deck that allow for a smaller crew size. The interior features three enclosed cabins, including a large double cabin forward for the owner. These cabins are separated from the central sailing area of the boat to ensure that they are comfortable and clear of sailing gear when cruising, or in-port between races. The mast is deck-stepped, which minimizes intrusion into the interior around the mast, and minimizes the amount of water that can get below when sailing offshore. Aft of the mast, seven pairs of pipe berths allow for functional accommodations during offshore races. The galley includes refrigeration and microwave, and is located on the starboard side of the boat and provides plenty of working space for meal preparation. The cabin table allows the crew to sit down and enjoy a meal. The machinery space utilizes sound insulation to allow the crew to sleep easily. Aft, a generous navigation station has room for two people to work and a second companionway provides a second path to the interior and plenty of ventilation.





Draft (Max):

Draft (Up):










24.40 m/80.05  ft

24.20  m/79.40  ft

6.14  m/20.14  ft

5.600 m/18.37  ft

4.000 m/13.12  ft

22,000 kg/48,500 lbs

14,840 kg/32,720 lbs


31.200 m/102.37 ft

10.250 m/33.63 ft

33.400 m/109.59 ft

10.720 m /35.17 ft

35.550 m/116.64 ft

14.160 m/46.46  ft


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