Farr Yacht Design
Design #604 Storm Trysail Transpac 65

Farr Yacht Design has developed the first design of the new Storm Trysail-Transpac 65 (our design #604) for ROSEBUD owner, Roger Sturgeon. The Storm Trysail–Transpac 65 (STP 65) is a high performance, light displacement, fixed keel box-rule class announced in August 2005. This announcement has resulted in considerable interest from owners wanting competitive racing in boats of this size. In the months that followed, Farr Yacht Design worked closely with Bill Lee and others to assemble this new Box Rule. Roger Sturgeon and his project manager, Malcolm Park, have also been an integral part of the rule creation and commissioned Farr Yacht Design to design their first boat of this class. Westerly Marine of Santa Ana, California has started construction with ROSEBUD’s expected launch date at the end of April 2007.

The goal of the Storm Trysail Club and Transpacific Yacht Club was to create a boat that could compete as a Box Rule and as an IRC or

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