Farr Yacht Design
Design #588 IRC 42

January 2005

The adoption of the IRC rule at both Club racing level and by some of the more legendary offshore events has sparked strong interest in boats that fair well under this single number rating system. As a result of this interest Farr Yacht Design received several commissions in 2004 for IRC oriented boats that allowed the team to embark on research work to understand the rule in some depth. While specific formulas used to determine the IRC ratings are not published, the style of boat favored by these formulas can be deduced by examining the published rule policy, reviewing race results in great detail including those of our existing designs that have done well under IRC, and applying to the rating office for trial certificates where variations in ratings given for different design choices can be compared with VPP results.

Design #588 was commissioned by Austral Yachts of South Australia in a bid to offer the local market a

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