Farr Yacht Design
Design #585 Transpac 52

Farr Yacht Design has developed two new third generation Transpac 52 designs (Designs #585 and #586) to compete in both the European and US Transpac 52 competitions starting with the 2005 summer season. Commissions from a number of clients enabled FYD to pool together funds to significantly expand the research work originally conducted for designs #495 ( BEAU GESTE ) and #533 ( ESMERALDA , BRIGHT STAR , SJAMBOK ). This work coupled with the first hand experience of our design team crewing on the boats produced wealth of knowledge to apply to the new designs.

Research for this program focused on the following areas:

•  Beam optimization studies for the proposed venues/conditions

•  Hull shape refinement

•  Transom immersion and effective length studies

•  Appendage sizing studies

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D. 585 Transpac 52