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Design #546 VO70 Tank Testing

"This tank is towing 1/3 scale models at a range of speeds, heels and leeway angles that cover the expected operating conditions for the Volvo Open 70. At each test point the high resolution yacht dynamometer measures very small differences in drag and lift for different hull and appendage configurations," said Britton Ward, the testing manager for Farr Yacht Design. "The resulting data will provide our design office with valuable insight into the new rule and an understanding of the merits of various appendage options. This data will allow us to accurately predict the performance of our candidate Volvo Open 70 designs," said Britt.

With a build time of approximately 8 months this leaves precious little time for pre build planning and sailing trials. "We felt that the scarcity of time for the VOR 70 programs compelled us to get

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VO70 Tank Test