Farr Yacht Design
Design #542 - SW 100 & 102

Mrs. Seven is the aptly named seventh SW 100 produced by Southern Wind Shipyard to our Design #542 and the first in the raised saloon configuration.  The SW 100 is the fourth design from Farr Yacht Design for Southern Wind Shipyard and another successful collaboration with Nauta Design.

The success of Mrs. Seven begins with the technical skill and commitment of Southern Wind to build lightweight structures.  With a lightship displacement of only 59 tons the design goal of boat speed at least equal to the wind speed in light winds has been efficiently achieved without resorting to excessive rig size or exotic, hard to handle sailplans.

The well-proportioned interior layout by Nauta Design allowed us the freedom to draw a fair, undistorted hull with moderate beam.  The moderately aggressive stem slope is married with a small amount of hollow in the lower forward waterlines to maximize sailing length in a sleek yet powerful shape.  The powerful shape is carried through to the stern and transom providing generous volume for the crew and galley areas aft.  The wide aft sections maximize effective sailing length at high speeds without adversely affecting handling.

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Southern Wind 100 RS Mrs. Seven

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