Farr Yacht Design
Design #539 IMS 54

Design #539 was commissioned by CAM (Caja de Ahorros del Mediterr á neo) to meet the demands of the extremely competitive IMS racing circuit in the Mediterranean and to build on the success of their previous 2001 World Champion Farr 51 named CAM - Design #466.

This design is a significant step forward from our past IMS successes. The distinctive hull shape was developed using our extensive suite of research tools combined with our comprehensive knowledge of the IMS rule and its recent changes. The resulting hull has powerful ends that will handicap very well with excellent performance in the relatively flat water of the Mediterranean. The stern is long for exceptional speed when heeled yet maintains the overall balance of the hull as heel angle increases. The straight and fairly level sheer shape and height have been tailored to get the most advantage possible from recent changes in the IMS rule. The topsides sport the maximum allowable tumblehome giving the

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D. 539 IMS 54

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