Farr Yacht Design
Design #267 3/4 TON IOR

May 1991

Following the string of victories produced by LONE (D. 229), champion of the 1990 3/4 Ton Cup, Farr Yacht Design was approached by two clients interested in a new 3/4 Ton design; George Andreadis of Athens, Greece aiming to win the 1991 3/4 Ton World Championship, and Mr. N. Numata of Tokyo who is looking forward to competing in many races including the 1991 Japan Cup.

Design of this latest 3/4 tonner required a substantially different approach in the construction engineering compared to LONE due to rule changes affecting boats built after January 1, 1990. The use of exotic materials was outlawed as a cost saving measure to encourage building in the smaller IOR classes rating less than 25 feet.

Laminates are now primarily made up of S-glass and Kevlar sandwiched over foam cores. We

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Design 267

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