Farr Yacht Design
Design #201 3/4 Ton IOR

August 1988

Farr Yacht Design has finally added a 3/4 Ton yacht to their list of hot new designs. The keel and rudder reflect sections evolved from experience and testing over the year spent developing Whitbread Maxis.

Design 201 is a direct spin off from successful One Tons like BRAVURA and the French Admiral's Cup hopeful XERYUS.

Our design team recognizes that a 3/4 Tonner has fewer crew thus less movable weight. A wide beam amidships that is carried well aft makes the rail an efficient hiking platform. A narrow waterline beam means low wetted surface for low resistance on down wind legs. This design maximizes heavy air performance with a long fair sailing length and light displacement. We have paid special attention to removing unrated displacement in the hull and keel.

In Farr One Tonners our highly

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Design 201

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