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Design #179 - IOR Maxi


Design 179 was designed early in 1987 as a round the buoys IOR Maxi race boat. With keel and trim variations the boat would also be entered in long distance races like the Route of Discovery race from Cadiz Bay, Spain to Santo Domingo.

The design program benefited from limited tank testing of 1/4 scale models to examine variations in hulls and appendages. Final beam, length and displacement figures were selected following a close study of the existing Maxi fleet and extensive research using our in-house VPP's. The resulting boat is positioned toward the heavy end of the existing fleet with generous sail area, high stability and moderate beam and length.

Structural design used the approach our office developed for the 1985/86 Whitbread Maxi's as a basis with the laminates upgraded to make use of the carbon fibers available at the time. Keel, internal ballast engine and mast loads are

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Design 179

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