Farr Yacht Design
Design #172 Farr 38

The cruising yachts we design are good, all-round, Rule-free sailboats that are safe, fast, and easy to handle. We have developed an alternative style for the future; something that is not steeped in tradition. They have features that are good in racing boats but are great for cruising boats; like, SPEED, the ability to go to weather...those things are really important in a cruising yacht.

What should a decent boat be like? The primary consideration is safety: it must be strong with high stability and therefore a low center of gravity. Our cruising boats have the ballast concentrated a lot lower in the keel than our IOR boats because they are not restricted by the IOR's center of gravity factors.

Handling ease necessitates as much waterline length as possible and a moderate beam - that means WIDE compared to 30 years ago. Our hull forms call for moderate displacement to ensure great strength; a fine bow, powerful sections, and a broad stern which

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Design 172