Farr Yacht Design
Design #158 - One Ton


This design was in response to a late program starting in January by Irvine Laidlaw of Singapore to build a new design 1 tonner for the 1985 Singapore Admiral's Cup team and later for competition in the Southern Cross Cup in Australia. This is the first IOR design we have done since the actual 1985 rule changes were announced in November, thus it reflects our interpretations of this year's rule, and is a development of the design theme for our two very successful 43 footers "SNAKE OIL" (Class C winner SORC) and "DRAKE'S PRAYER" (top boat Australian Admiral's Cup trials).

In general terms the approach was to develop a design that would have good all round performance with more emphasis on light airs performance than our previous designs. Our goal was to equal or better the speed of all our previous 1 ton designs in all conditions, that is to equal the extreme performance of our Southern Hemisphere 40's such as

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