Farr Yacht Design
Design #155 - IOR 50


This 50 foot IOR racer, Design No. 155, was commissioned by well known Olympic Gold Medalist David Forbes of Sydney, Australia. The client wanted a yacht which would be highly competitive on the racing circuit off the New South Wales Coast and in the Pan Am Clipper Cup Series.

A great deal of research was put into achieving an all around high performance yacht which would be extremely fast in all weather conditions...rather than being an extreme performer in a given set of conditions which is typical of most designs for Australian campaigns. The design office created a higher than usual sail area to displacement ratio number to improve running and medium air performance. The sail area to wetted surface area is greater (SHR 16.1) to give light weather advantages while retaining the usual high performance Farr characteristics in moderate fresh air conditions common to the New South Wales Coast which

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Design #155


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