Farr Yacht Design
Design #151 - 42'11" (13.1m) IOR Racing Yacht


This design was conceived in the wake of Farr's very successful One Tonners which dominated the 1984 Southern Cross Cup in Australia, the 1984 Pan Am Clipper Cup and European contests throughout the year.

The goal of the design effort was to produce a larger boat for Peter Kurts of Australia which had the outstanding upwind and reaching qualities that Farr's One Tonners possessed in moderate and strong wind conditions and dramatically strengthen the performance in light running conditions where the One Tonners were consciously trading off in their performance. In short, Farr has designed a boat that will be fully competitive in all conditions with particularly strong reaching and upwind performance capability to suit the very broad range of wind and course conditions off Australia's New South Wales coast. High performance was proven by winning Australia's

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