Farr Yacht Design
Design #145 Farr 33


When Annapolis Custom Yachts opened their doors in 1983 they said they wanted to "start off with a winner" - thus, the FARR 33 was created by internationally known yacht designers, Farr Yacht Design, Ltd.

The masthead-rigged FARR 33 is a scaled down version of the incredible FARR 37 which, in 1983, devastated racing events in the Chesapeake Bay and Long Island Sound.

Rating at 26.3 IOR, the FARR 33 has no extreme rating features likely to be caught by future IOR rule changes. The performance will come from carefully chosen basic proportions of length, beam, displacement distribution and sail plan, along with optimization of the rating measurement formula without the use of rule-cheating gimmicks. The yacht has a very high SHR of about 16.3, which assures very good light air performance for the Chesapeake,


Design 145 FARR 33