Farr Yacht Design
Design #134 - 11.5M Lake Racing Yacht

Yacht designer Bruce Farr teamed up with Mark Lindsay's high-tech boatbuilding firm to create a 37 ft. racing yacht with "wings" which has revolutionized European Lake racing.

The boat, OPNI (which stands for Object Planet Non-Identifie), was commissioned by Alain Golaz of Geneva, Switzerland and represents the first European client to have a Farr design constructed in the U.S. Farr, a New Zealander, moved his headquarters to Annapolis, Maryland in 1981. According to Farr, "for the first time in years, American firms are being very competitive in their pricing of custom one-offs and able to match any foreign technology. Now our European clients are looking for some of their boats to be constructed in the U.S."


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