Farr Yacht Design
Design #128 Farr 37

July 1982

This design evolved following interest from several yachtsmen in the Chesapeake Bay region for a very competitive Club racing yacht rating at the top end of Class B (28.4 IOR) with a clearly usable cruising interior and safe cockpit that is realistically a racer/cruiser with good resale prospects.

The design concept is of a yacht with moderate proportions of beam and displacement with very high sail area in relation to displacement and wetted surface to guarantee exceptional light air performance. In relation to the light displacement boats for which we are more widely known, this yacht is significantly heavier, slightly narrower and smaller in the aft sections - a more conservative approach to the Rule, but not extreme in the opposite direction as are many of today's heavy, beamy work horses.

There are not extreme rating features likely to be caught by future IOR Rule changes. The

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