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Design #101 Farr 740 Sport

Sea Nymph brochure 1980

The Farr 740 Sport was developed to satisfy market enthusiasm for a high performance "go fast" one design lift-keel yacht capable of winning line honours against similar sized boats and also to be highly competitive under JOG rating. The 740 Sport is an exciting boat to sail with excellent performance in all conditions. She is a dream to handle in strong fresh winds and can be driven hard with complete confidence.

The "Sport" principal has resulted in a design fully equipped to current race yacht standards, including a twin spreader rig with running backstays, large cockpit and complete sheeting adjustments. Gear and equipment for the boat has been carefully planned at the design and production prototype stages. The result is a simple yacht offering a well-resolved and complete range of rig adjustment enabling the enthusiast to enjoy the latest

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