Farr Yacht Design
Design #97 - 44'2" High Speed Trapeze Yacht

From our 1982 catalogue

This design was drawn for racing on Lake Garda in Northern Italy with particular considerations of attempting to win the Centomiglia (100 mile) Race held each year during September on Lake Garda.

The general concept was to produce as fast a yacht as possible within a restricted budget, but one that had a reasonable degree of self righting ability so that the boat could be considered reasonably safe for this overnight race in the hands of experienced people.

The hull form features a long narrow straight hull with rounded low wetted surface area sections but full enough to plane readily, with substantially flared top sides to shift the six crew members as far to windward as possible. The rig is a tall 3/4 style in which the concept began as a short footed headsail, fully controllable mast arrangement, which was then modified to allow for larger genoa,

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Design 97