Farr Yacht Design
Design #93 - 1/2 Ton IOR Racing Sloop

From our 1982 catalogue

Designed to the new Rule (1978-79) and with 1980-81 aft end changes incorporated, Design 93 represents Farr's current 1/2 Ton IOR Racing sloop.

The general style of Design 93 is shorter, marginally heavier, and carries considerably more sail area than Design No. 65, and is therefore, a boat that is extremely fast in light and moderate airs. Aft end differences are clearly evident when the study drawings of Design No. 65 and 93 are compared. Design No. 93 displays the current treatment of IOR transoms to move the deck/transom intersection at the gunwale forward.

It is interesting to place the study drawings of Design Nos. 27, 54 and 65 alongside Design No. 93 for comparison. All boats were rated 1/2 Ton IOR at time of design, but only Design No. 93 rates 1/2 Ton today.

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Design 93