Farr Yacht Design
Design #80 - 14' (4.3m) Double Handed, Single Trapeze JAVELIN Class Racing Dinghy

From our 1982 catalogue

Many 14 ft two man dinghy classes have enjoyed strong following throughout the world from Uffa Fox's International 14's in England to the relatively unrestricted 14's from Australia and USA. One class developed in New Zealand in the late 1950's was the Javelin.

This class has tight limitation on rig dimensions, together with beam, bouyancy, weight and general arrangement restrictions on the hull. Through the 60's the class enjoyed a strong following in New Zealand, Australia and England, providing good competitive racing on a limited budget while still allowing designers some freedom of experimentation in hull form. Many international Flying Dutchman skipper/crew combinations used the Javelin as a training class during winter and non Olympic year seasons. New Zealand's Gold Medallist at the 1964 Olympics

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Design 80