Farr Yacht Design
Design #64 - 1 Ton IOR Lift Keel Racing Sloop

From our 1982 catalogue

Farr dominance of the World 1 Ton Championship in 1977 centered around Design No. 64 - RED LION. This boat along with other boats to the same basic design with minor variations in rigs, deck layouts and engine installation filled 1st (RED LION), 2nd (MR JUMPA), 3rd (SMIR-NOFF-AGEN) and 5th (JENNY H) places in the World Championships that year.

These designs featured a long, fine, easily driven hull with very little obvious rating distortion, and a clean aft which, while accepting a rating penalty, or rather foregoing a possible rating advantage, seemed to allow the hulls to reach high speeds very easily in reaching conditions. Under these conditions the boats sailed well above the performance their ratings indicated they would.

These yachts were also the first Farr designs to use centerboards (actually drop keels, as they had

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D. 64