Farr Yacht Design
Design #60 - 52'2" (15.9m) Cruising/Racing Sloop

From our 1982 catalogue

The design brief was for a good all round ocean racing yacht with the emphasis on long passage races where a predominance of reaching and running conditions could be expected, but also a yacht that would be fast for its size for harbor and gulf racing, using handicap systems other than IOR.

Performance for size and IOR handicap honors are conflicting parameters which required a compromise difficult to attain, and made more so by changes in the Rule during the design process. Proposed changes to the Rule changed themselves three times during construction of the first boat to Design No. 60 - ZAMAZAAN - requiring considerable use of the crystal ball. Major changes made during that time were a switch from the planned drop keel in favor of a fixed keel, slight increase in displacement, considerable change in the aft section because of the proposed Rule changes there, and

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D. 60