Farr Yacht Design
Design #57 Farr 6000

May 1977

The requirements laid down for this design by Sea Nymph were a trailer-sailer of medium size suitable for high volume production.

6 meters was the length chosen, being shorter, lighter and therefore less expensive than the current crop of large sailers around 7 to 8 meters, but careful design of hull-deck shape and interior has resulted in a very spacious boat. High volume production demands that the yacht appeal to a very wide range of buyers. To achieve this wide appeal we set out to design a boat that would be very safe, reasonably priced, fast, stable, and practical and roomy with sporty styling that would not age quickly and would promote enthusiasm amongst today's conservative buyer.

The hull form is beamy with powerful stern sections to give good stability, speed and high internal volume for accommodation. Forward lines are

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Design 57 Farr 6000


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