Farr Yacht Design
Design #51 One Ton Racing Sloop

From our 1982 catalogue

Design No. 51 represents Bruce Farr's first commission for a full blown IOR race boat. The first boat launched to the design - PROSPECT OF PONSONBY - although built with a cruising interior, immediately won the Southern Cross trials, and became the top scoring boat in the 1975 South Cross Cup. PROSPECT's success was followed by JIMINY CRICKET, a true race version, which swept away with the New Zealand Dunhill Series in 1976, 2nd in the 1976 New Zealand One Ton Cup Championships, and 5th place in the 1976 World One Ton Championships.

Fibreglass production of cruiser/racer versions was established in New Zealand and Australia in the form of the FARR 1104. Many of these boats are enjoying racing success still in today's competitive IOR fleets. Rule changes in 1978 have affected these boats more than any other design. Some boats get

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