Farr Yacht Design
Design #39 - 42' (12.8m) Cruising Sloop

From our 1982 catalogue

The design brief for this boat was for a very easily handled, large, low cost cruising yacht of similar stlye to MOONSHINE, that would be about the maximum to be handled by a husband and wife. The boat was, however, to have IOR consideration so that, without compromising primary requirements, it could be raced reasonably competitively under IOR Rule.

KAILUA was designed at the same time as redeveloping FANTZIPANTZ for the FARR 727, and so incorporates many of that design's IOR features, although beam length ratio was kept down to the same ratio as MOONSHINE's for easy handling.

The boat proved to be a great family cruising boat, stiff and fast upwind, a joy downwind, and with very easy handling characteristics.

A second boat built to the design -

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Design 39 KAILUA