Farr Yacht Design
Design #37 22'8" Cruising Sloop

From our 1982 catalogue

Design No. 37 represents a more serious approach to the IOR Rule than was taken with Design No. 27, although cruising considerations are still evident in the form of built-in berths and more than Rule requirement headroom. The design has more beam and more sail relative to length, and the rig is nearer to 3/4 proportions with larger mainsail compared to headsail than was the case with Design No. 27. The keel is deeper and narrower, with center of gravity located high up to produce a minimum C.G.F. factor under the Rule, and is not designed with any consideration of drying the boat out alongside piles, as was the case with earlier designs. The cockpit is clearly designed around cruising requirements with seats and protective coamings, but the deck layout is organized as efficiently as could be achieved within those limitations.

FANTZIPANTZ, the prototype of Design No. 37, displayed such

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